7 Best And Fun Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona Both the capital and largest city in Arizona, Phoenix, lies at the heart of a massive metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun. It is set in the sun-scorched Sonoran Desert; it is blessed with year-round warm weather, making it a great place to enjoy outdoor activities and also things to do phoenix. In addition to the wide variety of golf courses in the area, other things to do in Phoenix include some outstanding hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing amid the splendid scenery of its numerous parks and mountains.

Acting as an economic and cultural center for the state and the whole of the Southwest, the sprawling city has lots of excellent art galleries and magnificent museums to check out. Besides this, it also boasts a beautiful culinary scene to delve into a wealth of superb restaurants and bars. Phoenix certainly has a lot to offer, home to gorgeous gardens and interesting historic tourist attractions to major sports teams and lively nightlife.

things to do in phoenix arizona

7 Best And Fun Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

1. Wrigley Mansion

Wrigley Mansion

Set just a short drive to the northeast of the city center is the beautiful Wrigley Mansion which lies atop a prominent knoll overlooking Phoenix. Built between 1929 and 1931 by the chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley Jr, the mansion exhibits astounding architecture with terrific tours taking you around all of its sumptuously decorated rooms if you want fun things to do in phoenix then visit Wrigley mansion.

Besides showcasing some splendid Spanish Colonial-style architecture, the marvelous mansion is mainly known for its exquisite tile work. While exploring all of its elegant rooms that number more than twenty in total, you’ll learn all about the history of the beautiful building and the famous families that lived here. Now a private club, Wrigley Mansion hosts do Many meetings and weddings at its fine-dining restaurant and bar with phenomenal views to be enjoyed from its outdoor veranda.

2. Goldfield Ghost Town

things to do in phoenix

Lying on the eastern outskirts of Phoenix is the Goldfield Ghost Town set at the foot of the soaring Superstition Mountains. This popular tourist phoenix Arizona attraction was once a thriving mining town. Today, visitors can enjoy tours of the mine and city alongside gunfights, ziplines, and a ride on the town’s narrow-gauge railroad and also Goldfield Ghost Town is also the best things to do in phoenix arizona.

Founded in 1893, when gold was discovered in the nearby mountains, the town’s population slowly dwindled and died as the shining seams ran out. Nowadays, the reconstructed village is an enjoyable and family-friendly place with its corral and county jail, saloons, and shacks taking you right back to the times of the Wild West. Besides strolling around its sizeable site, you can also pan for gold, try out its shooting range, and learn a bit about the ghost town’s history at its small museum.

3. South Mountain Park

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One of these largest urban parks in the States and the world, the sprawling South Mountain Park is located just to the south of the city center. It encompasses three rearing ranges with their scenic slopes boasting an incredible array of outdoor activities for you to enjoy and this park best things to do near phoenix az.

Protected and preserved as part of a park since 1924, its colossal confines are home to many native desert vegetation. It is mainly known for its large lizard population of chuckwallas. In total, it has eighty kilometers of tantalizing trails for you to hike, mountain bike, or horseback ride in and among its spellbinding scenery. A trendy place to visit is Dobbins Lookout which exhibits the highest point in the park from where visitors can take in breath-taking views of all of Phoenix and best things to do around phoenix.

4. Papago Park

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Yet more of the city’s delightful desert landscapes can be found in the pretty and peaceful Papago Park, home to lots of enticing attractions and recreational opportunities. Part of both Phoenix and Tempe includes everything from fishing lakes and golf courses to picturesque paths, picnic areas and playing fields, and the Desert Botanical Garden and Phoenix Zoo and you can also fun things to do in phoenix.

Dotted with distinctive red rock formations, the hilly desert park is a treat to hike or bike around with the vast Hole in the Rock and the beautiful Big Butte counting among its most delicate features. Hidden away amidst its cacti-dotted domain are lovely lakes and state-of-the-art sports facilities for you to stop off at. In addition, one of its standout sights is Hunt’s Tomb – a small white pyramid in which Arizona’s first governor is buried so if you really Fun things to do in Phoenix Arizona then go to Papago Park.

5. Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden

The gorgeous Japanese Friendship Garden lies just to the north of Downtown Phoenix, and very beautiful scenic and serene space to stroll around. Centered on a charming koi pond are pretty paths and plants for you to wander past, as well as tiny streams, stone lanterns, and a traditional teahouse and also the best place for cool things to do in phoenix.

The tranquil garden was opened to the public in 1996 after nearly a decade spent designing and perfecting its layout. It was a joint venture by Phoenix and Himeji, its sister city in Japan. Besides basking in its awesome, you can also attend one of the many Japanese cultural events that regularly take place in the quiet and peaceful garden—these range from tea ceremonies and tai chi classes to wabi-sabi pottery workshops and ikebana art demonstrations.

6. Lost Dutchman State Park

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Set right at the foot of the stunning Superstition Mountains is the Lost Dutchman State Park which is very popular among both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Named after a legendary lost gold mine, it has lots of terrific trails and splendid Sonoran Desert scenery for you to explore. You’ll find the Goldfield Ghost Town right beside it and also things to do in phoenix if you visit Lost Dutchman State Park .

Established in the 1977 Year by the state as a recreation area, the Lost Dutchman State Park has cozy cabins and campsites for visitors to stay in as well as parking and picnic areas to make use of. Rearing above its scenic confines is the majestic mountain range that just begs to be explored. Many of its mountain bike paths and hiking trails wind their way in and among the lush wilderness before slowly snaking their way up the steep slopes of the Superstitions.

7. Roosevelt Row District

Roosevelt Row District

What was once a dilapidated, decaying, and even dangerous district just a few short decades ago is now one of the most dynamic areas downtown. Home to many incredible art galleries, local restaurants, and boutiques, the revitalized Roosevelt Row now lies at the center of the city’s thriving arts and culture scene really if you want to fun things to do in phoenix then visit here.

Thanks to its creative character and pedestrian-friendly nature, the district is a treat to explore with marvelous murals and innovative artists’ studios wherever you look. On top of all its great shops and restaurants, the area also hosts lots of fun festivals and cultural events and a considerable art market on the first Friday of every month. With a lively yet laidback feel to it, the vibrant Roosevelt Row District cannot be missed when in Phoenix.